Camper conversion company

I made an appointment with the ’camper conversion company’ which happened to be near from where I brought the van, just one hour drive. When we arrived at the ’camper conversion company’ I was amazed,

different vans and buses were parked ready to be converted into campers, there was a huge working space. Here craftsmanship rules. Nearly everything is custom-made.
Walking around, I saw lots of pullout benches, beds, kitchens and pop-up roofs.

I left my car behind. In the next couple of weeks, they would make a pop-up roof and an electricity unit. Also, I did want some windows, but since it was high season, they were very busy, it did not seem possible. They did n’t have the right windows in stock and I did not like the camper windows they had. They were too small and not really suitable for my van. Thus, the deal became just a pop-up roof and an electricity unit. Furthermore, they would put in an old kitchen unit and a bed. The last two things were necessary to get the van registered as a camper. Those units were lying around ready to be trashed, but since I wanted to make my own furniture I did not care as long the van could be registered as a camper. And these units, although old and ugly, still met the requirements of the RDW (Dutch Department of Motor Vehicles) and the tax department.

The next weeks were killing. I still had to finish some work, but I was eager to start with the camper conversion. Waiting weeks seem to take ages and in fact it took way longer than we had agreed upon. After five weeks, there was a call that I could pick up my van. And then I received a call, I could pick up the van. And there was a little surprise; they managed to place two matching car windows in the back. It was a small gesture because it had taken longer than we agreed upon.. I was happy because a van without windows would have been very dark.

Meanwhile, they had taken care of the camper registration Since the van became a camper it needed to be inspected by the RDW* in order to get licensed as a camper. Since the now converted van had met all the requirements to be a camper due to the popup roof, kitchen and bed the RDW approved the conversion and it was now officially a camper. I went to buy my new number plates and took out a camper insurance.

The next morning I woke up early feeling very excited. I packed my back, grabbed the number plate and went together with my son to the train station. We took the train which would be a long ride all the way up north of the country to pick up the camper.

*RDW = Dutch Department of Motor Vehicles

electrical unit