The dream come true

Since the beginning of “my” time,  I have wished for a car to travel around.  Back then,  when I was six,  I fantasized about travelling in a car with my pets;  a dog,  a rabbit and a guinea pig.  I used to roll out a carpet and place a small bench on top,  took the animals and sat them down beside me on the carpet.

Then, while trying desperately to keep the animals on the carpet,  I sat down on the bench and drove in my imagination far away for hours in a row. Since I was ten, the dream had been dormant,  still popping up in my mind now and then.  But other priorities in life took over, like travelling the world.
Now,  a couple of decades later, I  have finally made the decision to buy a van, which will be my first car ever.  I looked around for a VW but they were expensive even though they seemed to have  seriously high mileage. Then one day I saw an ad for a silver Mercedes Vito. I did not like the sight at first but  I was running out of time; I really wanted a van before summer and my father  rather “firmly” advised me to have a look, so  I decided to check it out. This van did not have high mileage,  looked fairly new and the price was reasonable.
Mercedes vito 111 CDI
Actually, the price was a bargain compared to the VW’s around and it  was in good condition. The tech specs  turned out to be OK. However, I really did not like the colour and overall it was really not what I had imagined. I always fantasized about an old vintage van. But decisions had to be made and since I was only a couple of weeks away from my estimated departure date and the van seemed to be a good deal, I decided to buy the, in my opinion, ugly coloured Mercedes Vito.
Finally, after all those years,  I’m ready now for the next step.
Vámonos.  Let the conversion begin.