USB Cigarette Lighter Adapter Socket

Must have for any campervan an Usb car charger socket.
After a long search, I finally found this “must have” . USB sockets for the car

socket sigarete lighter usb car plug charger

Last year I only had one Cigarette Lighter Adapter/Socket to insert a usb car charger. It was not handy at all. I used it for the toolbox, but because  of the fragile connection, the coolbox plug melted and when we were driving the usb plugs used to come out. Besides, we had only one spot to hook up everything which needed to be charged, since it was a temporary construction the Cigarette Lighter Adapter/Socket was just laying on the bed.

usb car

Now I have finally got what I wanted and needed. . Once it gets warmer, I will start to rebuild the van and put it in place. For now I am happy.

Meanwhile, a year has passed and I have seen the USB charger sockets in some shops but they are more expensive than where I got them from. Because they are still not easy to find and I can get them for a good price, I might sell them. If you have any inquiries please send me a mail. Since I’m currently on the road, delivery times may vary between one and six weeks.